We met Dan most randomly at a very very formal conference on climate change, where Dan had the chance to walk on stage and tell about his noble, yet a tiny reckless journey. That man is biking from Antartica to Paris, while his other friend Erlend is, hold on… Running from North Pole to Paris! (yes, what the heck!). To follow their journey, visit their website:


On The Green Road

We met those two french lads a few months ago in Paris. They biked around the world for 18 months and took that opportunity to make a film about the challenges rural communities face in the wake of an unprecedented environmental crisis.

Check out their website for more:

Nicolas Hulot is one of our models. Through the Foundation he founded and leads, he works hard on rallying the ‘Digital Natives’ Generation with entertaining and impactful content! Here is one (IN FRENCH).

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